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Dev Blog 12: Browsers and New Websites

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Greetings players! I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th weekend and ate a lot of turkey! Oh wait that's thanksgiving.... anyway.....

Well I am writing today to inform everyone of a few important new directions that the game will be taking.

First of all, we are working hard on a new and more functional website/forum that will hopefully attract tons of new users.

Here is a sample:

Dev Blog 12: Browsers and New Websites 557srr10

Secondly, we are proud to announce that the game will no longer be client based and instead will be browser based. This means no downloads and the potential for millions of new players that we never had access to before because of operating system limitations! This means windows, mac, and linux users will all be able to play together.

As a result, progress as slowed down a bit in terms of content development as we work hard to port everything over to browser based systems.

As soon as the new website is released, we will have an alpha test on the new browser platform.

More info will come in the following weeks. So stay tuned!

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Post Mon 06 Jul 2015, 2:01 pm by REL

Hello hydro, I can help with the website Smile PM if you will need anything!


Post Mon 06 Jul 2015, 6:13 pm by Lion



Post Tue 07 Jul 2015, 1:15 pm by Frosty

This sounds amazing good luck and nice job!


Post Tue 07 Jul 2015, 5:05 pm by Flume

Great job,if you need help just ask.

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