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Dev Blog 4: Artwork

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Hello everybody! I know it's hard to hold your interest for a game that is not yet released but bear with me I am working hard at getting a decent version out for you guys. The game is 100% playable right now but that doesn't mean it's necessarily presentable. I am hoping for some time next week though.

Anyway, today I will share some of the art that you will see in the game! Art is a never ending process, so some of these may change. Hope you enjoy it


The noob:
Dev Blog 4: Artwork Defaul10

Arkan (trainer):
Dev Blog 4: Artwork Npc_810

Euro (banker):
Dev Blog 4: Artwork Npc_1710


Classic Mushie:
Dev Blog 4: Artwork Monste10

Dev Blog 4: Artwork Monste11

Malicious Ghost:
Dev Blog 4: Artwork Monste12

Admin Hydracol

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Post Fri 17 Apr 2015, 12:52 am by LeadsXtreme

I couldn't agree more , art process is always lasting and there is always room to improve.

Hope we can see more monsters and npcs in the future.

p.s : sent you a pm regarding that thing.


Post Sun 19 Apr 2015, 7:14 pm by Hydracol

Thanks for your response!

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