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Dev Blog 1: First Looks

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General Overview:
For my first devblog ever I am going to showcase the early stages of the games development.

Onyx Legion Online is a full-fledged transcendence of both classic and modern MMORPGs. The game puts players in a cross-generation gaming environment with its simple yet visually appealing pixel graphics, its classic and familiar gameplay as well as quests, and finally it's unique real-time combat/class system. So come and enjoy the spirit of generation's past with a twist of endless modern day additions that will entice you for hours!

Well that was my hook. Are you interested yet?

I was a big fan of Fantasy Online before it went down, as well as other classic MMORPGs, so Onyx Legion is my take on the world of online gaming.

The game features a unique class system in that players can acquire different abilities across the traditional RPG class system. For example, players are not forced to pick warriors or mages. They can choose to pick multiple abilities from each class. The more abilities you have from any one class, however, will make you stronger in that main class.

There are 3 types of main classes: Power, Agility, and Arcane. Each of those will have a multitude of subclasses. The Power class will have subclasses such as Warrior, Paladin, etc, while the Agility class will branch off into Hunter, Rogue, etc.

First Looks At Game

(click to view larger size)

Log in screen:
Dev Blog 1: First Looks 143b8812

Loading screen between maps:
Dev Blog 1: First Looks 6g93s410

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