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Onyx Legion Online is a full-fledged transcendence of both classic and modern MMORPGs. The game puts players in a cross-generation gaming environment with its simple yet visually appealing pixel graphics, its classic and familiar gameplay as well as quests, and finally it's unique real-time combat/class system. So come and enjoy the spirit of generation's past with a twist of endless modern day additions that will entice you for hours!


Type: Fantasy MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Hardware: Up to date graphics card, sound card, etc.
Ram: at least 512 MB (1-2GB is suggested)
HD: at least 100MB (more is always better)


- The world as we know it is called Pararia
- Each player begins his/her journey in Aspen Village, a small town on the continent of Caliopa.
- There are 3 currently known towns: Aspen Village, Henefer City, and Pearl Beach. Henefer City is the capital of Caliopa.
- The initial release will offer 20 levels of content, items, monsters, quests, zones, professions, and fun!


- There are two types of currency in OLO
1. Tolyk: [About] General Info Tolyk10 = can be obtained through questing, fighting, or selling items. Tolyk is the main in game currency!
2. Jewels: [About] General Info Jewels10 = can be obtained through micro-transactions ($1.00 = 1,000 Jewels), by voting for the game, or by watching advertisements. Jewels allow you to have certain helpful, but fair advantages above other players.


Day and Night:
Onyx Legion Online features a unique day and night system that models the real world timezones. While the light and dark not only make the player feel more connected to the world, certain events and progressions of the game are actually restricted to various times of the day. For example, some doors are locked for all hours of the day except for maybe two or three!

Unique Class and Abilities System:
- There are 3 main-classes: Power, Agility, and Arcane.
- Each of those main classes has multiple subclasses. (and with the first release of the game, there will only be one subclass per mainclass)

- Here's a breakdown of what I mean
    - Power Mainclass: Swordsman, Tank, Paladin...
    - Agility Mainclass: Hunter, Assassin, Bandit...
    - Arcane Mainclass: Elementist, White Mage, Necromancer, Druid...

Version 1.0 will have Swordsman, Hunter, and Elementist.

Read a more in-depth guide on Dev Blog 3.

- Combat is in real time which means that fighting is fast-paced and offers a challenging aspect that moves away from traditional "turn-based" RPGs and "targeting-based" RPGs.
- If you die in combat you keep all of your equipment that you are currently wearing, but your entire inventory and cash will be dropped on the floor. You respawn in Aspen Village, the first town of the game.

The visual profession system allows users to place items in special configurations and build items from materials they find throughout Pararia.

There are 3 gathering professions and 3 synthesis professions. You are allowed to pick any two after you reach level 10 and complete the required training.

[About] General Info Graph10

Gathering Professions:
- Mining = Harvest ores from rocks
- Woodcutting = Harvest logs from trees
- Herbalism = Harvest herbs from plants

Synthesis Professions:
- Blacksmithing = Turn ores into plates, create metal armor, Power weapons
- Crafting = Create Agility weapons, create leather armor,
- Alchemy = Create  Arcane weapons, create cloth armor, create potions

[About] General Info 21510 [About] General Info 22310

Plans for Version 2.0:
- Expansion of the world
- A zone located in the middle of Caliopa that is a PvP zone
- Guilds
- Guild Castle: Guilds can fight for control of the castle. The Guild that controls the castle will gain awesome benefits!
- Level cap increase to 30

(more will be added soon)


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New Member
I wish this ran on linux or was browser based Sad

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Jr. Member
I like the currency system.

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