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General Forum Rules

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1General Forum Rules Empty General Forum Rules Mon 25 May 2015, 5:06 pm


Hey everyone. Most of this stuff is common sense so just familiarize yourselves with the basic rules of almost any forum to avoid trouble. Each section also has specific rules relevant to the content that is to be posted within that section so be sure to check those out as well.


In case the following rules will not be followed there will be appropriate punishments which are under the discretion of administrators and moderators of the forum.

1. Do not attempt to get a password from other users.
-To do anything that make it difficult or impossible to access the forum/game to other users.

2. Names with the following content are not allowed:
-Abusive, drug-alcohol, sexual vocabulary.
-Nicknames abusing other forum users.
- Use the names (nicknames), misleading regarding the status of the user (Moderator, Admin, etc.)
- Use of nicknames - consisting of the repetition of letters, numbers, symbols, such as "AAAA", "23434VV44", "@ @ @ 444VVV"

3. Not Allowed:
-Insults, spamming, spreading rumors, slander of the project, users or forums Administrators.
-Lying to the Administrators that lead to an unfair ban of another user.
-To use any obscene words.
-Abuse in any form.
-Advocating drugs, alcohol, violence, pornography.
-Expression of intolerance toward racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, ideological, gender, language or political affiliation.
-Sexual harassment and discussions of sexual topics. Talking about sexual lives of forum users and their family members


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