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To anyone that is still hanging with us?

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1For Suggestions! To anyone that is still hanging with us? Sat 05 Dec 2015, 4:20 am


So we have been quite curious on what would be your favorite monster type that you'd like to see implemented into Onyx Legion?

There are many different type of varieties it can be Ghosts, Ghouls, Trolls, or even Knights down to evil goblins or even rats!



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I would appreciate something akward, maybe unique that none or almost no other game got to fight and that makes OL outshine other games just by this detail.

Well, as you know me I just got a large number of hillarious ideas of walking sandwiches that try to bite you, but it should not be too akward imo.

Objects of the surroundings as monsters:
What I can morely imagine is an area where certain objects that look like only surroundings would be actual monsters - like barrels or bushes. The explanation is still not akward at all: there could still be either ghosts haunting that place or it cold be some kind of living who sneaks behind you while using a barrel to hide itselfe.

Additional though:
With attackable objects, it could be also a passive tree that respawns at the very same place that could be able to get killed and thus opens a secret passage of some kind.

Cute Little Mages:
I kinda like the appearance of a certain little wizard where the face is not detectable but only bright eyes are visible and obviously observing the surrounding. Those wizards would be able to float a few decimetres above the floor as effect of their magical abilities. As expanse they do not have feets.
These wizards could act as elemental enemies who are the first in the game that can shoot back minor magical abilities like a lightning tickle or a tiny flame - later boss versions could be able to deal larger magical abilities.
When these Wizards (let us call the smallest of them 'Wizzy') die, they will sink down to the floor the very first time where they perish (like all monsters)

They could look something like this, just imagine, there are no feet:

To anyone that is still hanging with us? 354px-Vivi_KHII

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