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Oi Hats UP boys

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1For Introductions! Oi Hats UP boys Mon 07 Sep 2015, 11:26 am


Hello my name is Myhal. I used to be an active player in Blue Saga, but well since it died.. Here I am!

Little boot about myself"
-Avid mmorpg player
-Love isometric mmo's (played Blue Saga, Tibia, Ultima Online, Linkrealms, Fantasy Online, Angels Online)
-I am from Los Angeles, California
-Would LOVE to participate in the alpha for this game
-Known for leveling fisting skills to fist things.
-Active private server player (Maplestory, Tibia)
-Would like to become a badass magician in game

Nice to meet you all this community! Hope we get along and see you in game if possible  bounce  bounce

2For Introductions! a wild Pogofishmage emerges! Mon 07 Sep 2015, 4:19 pm


Active Member
Active Member
Welcome to the community of Onyx Legion Myhal,

the best way to become an alpha tester is to be active in the forums and bring in productively ideas or support the creation progress with other skills.

The team is working hard, but there are still many things that we non-staff mebers could do, too:

1. We can always write suggestions and bring in new ideas of what could be added. (hint: currently ideas for new locations and location names are needed)

2. You can chip your own npc together (dont be scared off. It is not actually drawing one, you just can cloth the standart NPC into an awesome little guy (like the one I am using as avatar pic). Just add some background story to that npc and what its purpose in the game should be.

3. You can add quest ideas to fill more life. You can just think of anything - may it be a side quest or a mainquest.

4. You can also search for sound effects that you think would fit into this game and fill in the missing fields or add new fields.

5. There is actually more that we can do. This topic might give a hint about these:

3For Introductions! Re: Oi Hats UP boys Mon 07 Sep 2015, 9:45 pm


Dedicated Member
Dedicated Member
Welcome aboard!

http://No thank you. I've eaten enough.

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