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Legit ideas for an online shop (please add yours,too)

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I did spend only like 2 hours reading in this forum, but it is already clear that this game will have an online shop. So before there will be all these items I so deeply hate in other games that will cause unfair advantages, I wonna add this topic in which everyone can post ideas what could fill an online shop.

So remember: As more it does not influence the actual gameplay, as better. But on the other side, give the one who buys it a feeling to have bought something at all and not only throw money away. Reward a shopper without inflicting P2W to that game.

So here are my ideas:

1. Auras:
There is a colourful 1-pixel line around the character instead of the typical black one. To highlight it, it should one of the RGB coulors with at least one value to 255 (red, yellow, green, blue, turquise, orange, white, whatever)

2. Big auras:
Same above, but with more than 1 pixel around your char.

3. Trailing effects:
When you walk you leave something behind where you walked. This something will disappear after 1 or 2 seconds.
This could be:
-colourful pixels,
-red footsteps,
-snow clounds,
-wet footsteps,
-other themed footsteps
-the word 'OMG' over and over
-the word 'LOL' over and over
-the word TROLL
-other words
-healing runes (no, they don't heal, it is just for the look)
-arcane offensive magic runes (just for looks)
-knightmare's runes (for looks)
-other runes
-other stuff, just add it Smile

4. Different cloth colours and skins you can chose between.

5. Different skins for your epquipment parts.

6. A little anything that fallows you:
-Cute little baby animals seem to be perfect for its first choice
-A mysterious device, sphere or construct that drags interest.
-A BIG (2x the char's size) that is by the looks about to attack the player it fallows. Well it doesn't attack you. Never. But it will instantly draw attention when a double-sized bear with his pawns rised, mouth opened, fletching teeth is fallowing someone.

7. Floating 'walk' animation. You never use your legs anymore, you will float 30 cm over the floor whatever you do. No you can't fly over that abyss with the tresures on the other side, but you can bypass other players in all floating epicness. And as addition: you even float while standing!

8. Exclusive Emotes:
Your friends started a dance party with their standard /dance command. So it is time to rise the spirits with your gituar by using the exclusive /metal (splled correctly? idk Razz) -command and actually let a short jingle play!

9. Pogofishmagical skills:
What is a VIP shop without some new cool skills? But wait! Didn't I write that there should not be game changing stuff in the shop? Correctly. So these skills are meant for fun:

-The non-expensive-and-very-sheep-skill:
*AoE effect of 2x2
*Cool down of 60 seconds
*Effect: transforms all players appearance inside the area of effect into sheeps. People can remove this effect anytime with that standart 'remove a buff' -function. This effect least only for a certain amount of time. I dont wonna name a time here because it should offer enough fun for those who may buy it, but should wear off soon enough for noobs (probably the main target of that skill xD) who do not know how to cancel it Razz)

-The bad-boys-bullying-skill
*single-target skill
*cool down 30 secounds
*Effect: transforms an enemy's appearance into a bull for a certain time. My suggested time is between 10-20 seconds. The enemy will still have the very same behaviour like before.

-Hide-skill, type:Rock
*self-buffing skill
*cooldown 10 seconds, maybe shorter
*Effect: Transforms yourselfe... in a ROCK! Yea not that surprising but you can make yourselfe more hideous like this and play hide-and-seek with friends. Combining it with different hide skills and the short cool down can allow you to transform from a rock into a tree stump once the seeker is just out of sight.
*recasting this skill shows no animation near you that could expose yourselfe.
*Things like weapons, amor, nickname, titles and guild name will be switched off for obvious reasons while this hide buff is active.

-More skills of transforming, yourselfe, enemies and players.

10. Uh... I think I make 10 ideas. hmm, 10... yea ... (pretends to think hard on something) Ah yea, this one, since it got already suggested before:
Inventory size increase.
Though it is semi-p2w, it still isn't *that much* gamebreaking if, but only IF the standart inventory is big enough and it will not make a huge difference. It should be an add-on and not a *double the amount of what you can carry around*-thing. Let us say +20% of what f2p will have.

11. Storage size.
Since it also got mentioned already, I have the same concerns like in post 10. Same again: +20% should do it.

12. ... would be your idea!
Feel free to continue with these ideas and give the creator of this game some nice ideas before he will add +9999/+9999 amor items into the game Mad


I love your ideas, especially trailing effects - I think they'd be a nice addition to the game.


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