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mind full of ideas

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1For Suggestions! mind full of ideas Mon 29 Jun 2015, 6:45 am


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New Member
Hello friends!

Yesterday I was checking the forum and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the ideas you guys have. Especially the idea ''gods mark'' is really out of this world! Smile

After reading so many suggestions my mind has made a few ideas also Smile Even though I wont cover every single idea i have in this topic, I will present you the ones i think are pretty presumably and reachable.

1.) customization of your own gear.
The idea is let the player customize his own gear for his own play style. I usually play support character, but I don't like hanging in the last row, hidding behind everyone. I'm more like come at me bro, I have the first row seat Smile But in 99% games i can't do this, because you can't customize your gear for more survivability.

So how would this work? Let's take four different level 40 swords. The rarity of the swords are common, rare, epic, legendary. Now what I would like to see is that is their base damage output and speed is the same! - you are thinking this guy must be insane Very Happy - keep reading - I still haven't come to my point Wink

My point is that every weapon/gear has open slots/perks. The common one has I don' know 1 open slot/perk, the legendary one has 5. So you fill those slots with effect you want. You want more damage, you fill it with damage. You need more attack speed? Fill it with attack speed.(you go to the blacksmith and he does it for you)

Ofcourse there should be limit what kind of perks you are using and how many of the same perks are stacked on your weapon.

2.) facillity with random bonuses/rewards/punishment

This is a bit ''hardcore''. So I was thinking there could be a church/tempel or something like that in the game. So what is it all about? The main idea is that you can please your god or make him angry (applying to the gods mark suggestion).

You could please him with praying/giving items/money and if you do this, he CAN (not necessarily) grant you hidden bonus like, exp boost, drop rate, maybe more damage etc.

So if we can please our god, we can make him angry, by doing none from above, so ignoring him. And we wouldn't like that, because the punishment would be exactly opposite than rewards.

3.) making friends among the NPCs

It goes like this, every NPC has few things he loves and you get those item by killing mobs. By giving NPCs those items you are becoming friends with NPC. The higher the friendship bonus is the higher bonuses you get from NPC. Like lower fees, maybe he can give you some gifts,extra quests, or give you higher exp/rewards for completed quest.

I got a few other ideas, but they will wait have to wait till I get my hands on the game. I hope I was clear enough and that I made some sense :p If you don't understand something I've wrote just ask. English is not my native language, so I apologize for every mistake I made.

Love, unknownA

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2For Suggestions! Re: mind full of ideas Mon 29 Jun 2015, 8:43 am


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Dedicated Member
I really like your enthusiasm. The weapon system you speak of reminds me of Defiance. They had the same weapon slot layout. This is something we would consider in the mechanics as a reasonable idea. The god's favor is actually a sound idea. It would be something like a bar based upon piety. The higher the piety of the player, the more benefits one could obtain.

The NPC friendship comes from the concept in Elder Scrolls. It's a great idea that revolves around real life concepts but is a very detailed thing to accomplished. Perhaps it would be doable at a later point in time. As for now, let's learn to crawl before we run.

Good thread overall.

http://No thank you. I've eaten enough.

3For Suggestions! Re: mind full of ideas Mon 29 Jun 2015, 10:25 am


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New Member
Checked Defiance forum about their weapon system. I had in mind similiar one, but I still think that level of the weapon should have some importance (since I've read it doesn't really matter if you have level 60 or 2000 weapon).

As concerning Elders Scrolls I have never played it. I did encounter NPC friendship in Dragon Nest and it's really helpfull.

Yeah I agree with you, but I'm just being typical me - rushing somewhere Smile

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