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STUFF ( title was to be just "STUFF" but this happened : "The length of the title for this topic must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters" so I had to make it this long , it it long enough though ? )

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Hey all ! Just some monsters for ya :

I know , i know ! They are not so good , i just winged them for fun while sitting around , Though if you need anything in relation to :

~ Monster design
~ NPC design , personality , etc.
~ Quests  

Stuff like that , I will gladly do all the designing and story making , I will pixel art too sometimes , but not as much , i will leave most of the game art to other peeps , so see ya later  ! ^^

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Very good job Sidz! I'd like to see how you do with creating pixel art. This should probably be in the Fan Art section though.

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