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The big soundeffect topic: What SFX are needed and whose could be used?

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(current edit: 2nd Sep. 2015)

Allright, since sounds are a big term and since the already small group of staff members have other things to do, I wonna crate this player-driven topic in which we collect what soundeffects are necessary after all and which sounds these could be by adding a link of a (in best case) free soundeffect.

Just go for example on one of these pages and link anything interesting you find there:

Of course there can be many suggestions for one and the same sound - actually this is even more productive since then @Hydro has a larger varity of sounds to pick from.

I will update this opening whenever someone posts new things that needs to be sounded or whenever someone adds a soundeffect example for something.

But please let us have some kind of structure here. Like categories in where a soundeffect belong to. Feel free to add new categories, too.

------- ------- The big list of soundeffects ------- -------




  • Players:
    -show interaction menue of another player

    -hide interaction menue of another player

    -hover a button of said interaction menue

  • Consumeables:
    -Health potion

    -Mana potion

    -Weird potion which causes you to enter a strange dream-like zone after drinking

    -Remeedy potion

    -Speed potion

    -Magic scroll



  • Field interaction
    -locked door



etc etc etc:

  • etc:

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I just wanted to say that this post is extremely helpful. The thought put into this is amazing Smile

Sorry for not replying earlier!

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3 pogofish...emerge...whatever... on Sun 06 Sep 2015, 8:26 pm


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is it? Well, thanks...

Actually I expected that more people would be interested to contribute with either
-ideas what needs to be sounded or
-souneffects that sound like they can be used into the game
or both.

But it kinda seems lifeless...

I am not in a good mood right now, since rl is upside-down. Well, I might add something into it, if I feel like, once I know it is actually usefull

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I promise you it's useful, but games take time so although we don't have a use for some things now does not mean that we will have a use for them later.

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