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Upgrading the front page

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1Upgrading the front page Empty Upgrading the front page Wed 21 Oct 2015, 1:18 pm


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Hello community,

it has been a while since I posted the last time, but I think we should keep things in motion by informing or contributing.

My post post today is refering to the front page:

It looks all nice and neat, but to be honest - it is useless!

The reason:
When a new player comes to the game, the front page is what he is facing first. His burning desired question in his mind will be *what* kin of game is this?

The answer the does give after its change is fallowing:

-> The game is called 'Onyx Legoin'
-> It is a game with a 2D world
-> it is 'dark' in any whats-o-ever way

-Anything else? No. Not at all.
-Is there a class system in this game? No explanation.
-What is the story of that game? Think of one, because here on this page is none.
-Is that game free to play or to pay?
-Where can I launch and download the game?
-Is this game even released?
-What classes exist?
...and more un-answered questions...

Well, to be honest: the page looks like as an opening banner for something more, but the fact is that the next page is a wide forum where a new player is lost is little helpful - seriously, if you enter a new game and see a big wall of text instead of a good explanation, you have little interest in read through everything.

The Starting page works as a nice teasing, but if someone who enters the forum pages does not find something to keep his interest rosen, then he just loses his interest and leaves.

Thing is:
The old page didn't look as fancy as this new one, but it offered more information, all summarized together and for each new player good visible what this game is about and that it is in development.

The new page
would be a great opening if there is a link to a sub-page with a summarize of the game as the old page had its summary. It does not need to be the same, but a new visitor should at least know what to expect.

A suggestion for reduced work:
In the screenshot part of that page there would fit many existing screens that are made in the forums. Why not add the best ones to the front page?

Also - as explanation of the game - why not add some links to certain topics that explain the gameplay and the class system?


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