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Hello Again

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1Hello Again Empty Hello Again Sun 18 Oct 2015, 11:32 am


Hi hello, you may or may not know me, but the names Mystogan. I am going to start being active on this forum, not for the sake of becoming an Alpha tester but for the sake of being apart of something revolutionary, i probably made an introduction thread already but i'm introducing myself again for the fun of it.

So who am i?
I am apart of many forums, gaming,anime,coding and many more. So what kind of person am i? The forums i am on usually label me as a jester/troll, I know! it's outrageous how they believe to think i am a t...tr..tro..ll... well i am by no means a _____ , i just simply express my opinions freely.

Back story
So, it began in 1981, only kidding. It began 6 + years ago, i was exploring internet explorer (no pun intended) and i discovered a website using the internet. It was a program which was called M.U.G.E.N. So being the curious guy i am, i decided to investigate further, it was a gaming program on the PC which allowed you to alter stages and add characters into the game. I was a huge anime fan at the time, i still am, but the love of anime for me is dying slowly but surely. I was really into anime, and i discovered anime characters could be put into the game. So i went searching for them, and to my surprise i found a numerous websites dedicated to MUGEN characters, it was literally a heaven at the time. So for a few weeks i was just downloading the characters of the forum and playing with them.

Then a certain character i was searching for did not exist anywhere, so i thought to myself, why don't i try making a character. So i joined the forum and worked hard under a few spriters and coders. I acquired the skill to code and sprite characters, then i went on Holiday. I never knew how much things would change whilst i was away.

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked, just kidding, i came back after my holiday ended. The forum was always alive and active, was now dull and evil. The forum was in shambles, the number of trolls increased by tenfold, the active spriters and coders had left to go create there own forum. The trolls had taken over, so after a few weeks after the change i decided to take back what was ours, it was futile, not even the remaining Mods could do anything.

So i entered the dark stages of my internet life, after a few months, i was in full control of all the trolls, i was respected by all the trolls and was hated by the minority. I had succeeded taking back what belonged to us, but had nothing to do when all the remaining Mods were defeated, then one day the Administrator who was inactive came online and froze the database and removed all the Mods -including me, and banned every member and left to never be seen again. I still visit the webpage every year, to remind myself of the golden days. But i knew i had to move on, so i began to search for more Mugen forums to contaminate, and i did.

Me and my elite 20 trolls moved out towards the new era, i had found the forum which i would settle in. I took my place among their ranks and broke it within, the operation took lots of preparation and time. Some of my highly skilled members could hack, i did know how to but let my team do it for me. We took over after 4 months, it was simple, but i felt bored by the repetition of the same thing again and again. So i decided to stop and go solo, i assigned a new leader of the team and moved on.

1 Year later
I had less time to play around on the internet, so once i did i went on and joined the One Piece forum, i made at least 2000 accounts in  a span of a year, i also gathered a small group which promoted my cause, i also got bored of that. So, i just stopped messing around.

2 Years Later
I was even busier, i decided to join an app game forum but post very little, i had less than 10 post in a year, yet i was still banned. I was shocked as i had done nothing wrong this time around, i held the urge to crash the forum with the remaining members i had in my team, so i left it.

1 and half year ago
I joined Llama quest, i used to play FO so i was really intrigued by the concept of programming a game from scratch, and decided to start spriting again, it did not work out, i had lossed all my skill. So after a few months i found a thread in Llama Quest forum about this  forum. I liked this game aswell, so i decided to join the forum, i made 1 -2 posts and my life caught up with me. I was extremely busy.

I have been staying on top of my work so i could generate enough time for me to post on this forum.

So.. Hi. Very Happy

2Hello Again Empty Re: Hello Again Mon 19 Oct 2015, 8:20 am


Game Master
Game Master
Posted in the wrong section,topic moved.

Enjoy your stay.

I used to play FO(Rip) too,was an awesome game.
Name was "thepro1",level 101 ascended warrior.
What was your name,maybe i saw you Smile

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