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I exist. Really! I am really existing - literally!

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Uh well, now I finally did find this topic after already writing about 2 wall of texts and one ... oh wait 2 semi-wall of texts. So this is my 5th post if I counted correctly.

Well since I didn't find this topic earlier I made my introduction in the Alpha Tester's recruting topic (which was my first post ever here).

To say it again: well, I got interested by this game after Hydro's post on Bluesaga's forum (and by the look of it, many from you are), after I went from Kongregate's Fantasy Online's forum to Bluesaga. Well I like the appearance of these pixel-like game and though I am bad in drawing myselfe, I like deeply in controlling a pixalated char through a lovely designed world.

I myselfe had a few RPG-maker Projects in whose I tried some games. But since I never was satisfied with the a standart RPG like thousands existed already, I abandoned a project when I saw that someone already created what I was about to 'invent'.

(Note: RPG-Make is a scripting language using program that allows you to use switches (boolean) and variables aside with other typical RPG elements. The RPG-Maker uses a chipset that allows the user to create an unique world by using 16x16 pixel chips to build large landscapes. Moveable characters are in the size of 24x32, the whole screen is 360x240, maybe different, I can't recall since I did not use the RPG-Maker in a long time after my time as scholar ended)

I started a certain other.... uh now I do not want to tell you my whole life story, after all I ant that people will read it haha xD

So let me make it short:

-I write long texts
-I am eager to find the core of a bug when I encounter it
-I am chaotic

-Oh and I like to analyse stuff and find out how a certain thing is programmed and how it is working.

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Enjoy your stay.

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