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Titles , Ranks , Surnames , Class , Professions , etc. etc.

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Something I have personally always enjoyed was having access to ingame titles. These can be anything from status, ranks, surnames, events, tournaments, professions, server firsts, or just for the looks Cool

It's a simple element that in most cases can add extra impact when creating a character. In some cases may even bring you closer to your character or even for the sake of just roleplaying in some situations, if you're into that.

Imagine just the idea of ''titles'' and what or how they could be aquired ingame, that alone can lead to great things. Just thinking of how to go about unlocking the mystery behind a specific title maybe? Or remembering exactly how it was achieved or the effects of having it applied to ones character. All these scenarios can also stimulate sharing, conversations, memories, competitions, goals, objectives, or maybe rewards.

However it could be as a simple as nothing but for looks? What about a type of bragging rights perhaps after successfully completing a challenge of epic proportions? What if you and a spouse wish to share a surname ingame or 2 friends wishing to openly share their appreciation for one another like a ''best friend'' title?

What if you wanted people to know you were noobie friendly? A title that helps new players pinpoint someone ingame who would more often then not stop to answer some questions? Or show them a location of a specific NPC, perhaps even assist them with a quest? ''Mentor'' or ''Helper'' are just simple examples.

I think lots of things can come of this... Heck if you really wanted to go all out you could in theory even attach ingame visual effects to a title.
I'll generate a random EXAMPLE.. how about

Title: Guardian Angel
Requirements: Revive a total of 10,000 players
Visual Effect: Halo

I could easily go on for quite some time with ideas in relation to the ones above an some I've yet to even add. The real questions would be simply how attractive are these ideas to players and how much work it would involve for the devs IF any of them were to ever be implemented ingame.

ps: I intentionally left out  the idea titles that would effect player stats, IMO those should be avoided.  Wink UNLESS it perhaps only influenced something like bag space or crafting speed , something along those lines.

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hmmm 23 views and 0 feedback? Shocked

lol Ok .. not sure how to feel about that but lets hope people share their input soon enough, the forums need to get some life back into them! Razz

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Since I usually write long (and by long I mean VERY LONG) wall of text of suggestions myselfe, I know deeply how frustrating it is to make an efford of ovver 7 hours idea collection, converting ideas to a proper english and after that posting this as a list in a forum - well if I post it as list. when I point out everything it can easily exceed a 15h work NOBODY EVER reads ~.~

Uh, I lost myselfe, back to topic:
I like to see a title feature ingame. Titles could be either..

1. a thing that appears over or below your character's Name like

2. Or on in front of your nick acting as a first name:
Werewolf-killing Yournickname

3. Or a surename in the end:
Yournickname the Crafter

4. Or all above mentioned, while beeing in a Guild called The B00ns:

Werewolf-killing Yournickname the Crafter
~The B00ns~


Well, in other games you often see that titles can give either stats or abilities. If you ask me, it is kinda... gah. Well the purpose of a title should be to want to archieve something epic to show off yourselfe; and NOT the only thing that each endgamer would use because it is simply the only best title in game -.-

Example: A title that is given when you kill a really strong boss without any assistance from other players. Well if this title alone rises your health by 1k, mp by 1k, and rises all natural other stats by 500, then it is a messed up thing that leaves people in a high disadvantage who didn't obtain it or can't obtain it because this specific boss is permanently under fire. Even a minor boost is a too high boost if you ask me.

What would be more legit would be a one-time-reward. Maybe if you get title 'login for the second time with a char rewards you with the title 'Welcome Back' and you get 1 Gold (for the lols, since each noob monster would drop like 6 gold and you start with like 100 gold haha xD) But once you gained it, it will not have any further benefit, gameplay-wise. But then again, bosses would be on higher demand since the have titles for this or that.

Hmmm, I still don't like the idea of rewards for titles. But If you really feel like having to insert it with a stat boost, then you may add it with a feature that allows you to select one status-title and one title, that gets shown at its equaling spot. So your character has title X shown near his name, but you get the stats of title Y which is hidden.

Oh thinking of possible reards would be like everything I call 'legit stuff for a premium shop'.
I am going to add a topic about this, if it doesn't exist yet. This could include:
-Shiney aura
-change in character's coulor (however this word is spelled Razz)
-leaving confetty pixels behind you while walking, whose disappear after one or two seconds
-learning new emotes like adding another style of dancing
-etc etc etc, as long as it does not change the flow of game but points you as something special. IF there have to be rewards in first place.

Ooops, well now here was my wall of text about one single idea's answers. You will not survive a idea's collection topic when I will create it. Believe me, you wont. Unless you spend your whole weekend without sleeping, never eating, never drinking, then you may can read everything but then you probably will end up dehydrated and beeing unable to write back while it is still in your memory (poor soul you xD). But If you managed to REALLY read till this point without skipping stuff, then a BIG THANX Wink

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