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Hiyo and Hello!

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1 Hiyo and Hello! on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 10:12 am


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New Member
Greetings Laughing How we all doin? good? good! Recently I've been on a personal mission to find a great  mmo with a retro or classic feel to it. After what felt likes countless days of searching during my free time I finally discovered this little gem Wink Now I am here with a brief introduction followed by a request to help with the Alpha testing!

Bit about myself..

I would consider myself an avid gamer, from table top to board games to  CCG or TCG's aswell as online via pc. I grew up in what may sound like the dark ages for some of the community Cool playing Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, Magic the Gathering and whatever else along those lines. Only in the recent months have I found myself trying to discover and explore a more retro simple classic style mmorpg but the vast majority I've tried did'nt quit grab me. Long story short I am hoping this game and community could become my next adventure and ideally a new mmo home with new and exciting things to be a part of. Very Happy

In the mean time I'll see you all on the forums, maybe even ingame? Razz  Hmmmm.. time to look over the classes! Wink

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2 Re: Hiyo and Hello! on Thu 30 Jul 2015, 5:59 am


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Game Master
Enjoy your stay.

PM me if you got a question or need help with anything at all.
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