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Dev Blog 9: Inventory and Equipment Window

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Hey again guys! I thought it was about due time for another update on development.

While Queen has been drawing some fabulous in-game art and Voo has been designing the GUI and its layout, I have been hard at work as well getting all of the back-end systems working.

As shown in some of the Alpha Tests, we currently now have a fully functional inventory system and equip system. Most of the hard work was actually designing the item system as a whole, so other item-related elements such as professions, banking, trading, etc will be easy from here on out and should turn up relatively quickly.

Let's take a look at our progress:
Dev Blog 9: Inventory and Equipment Window Login10
Here we can see the new login screen using Queen's wonderful trees and scenery.

Dev Blog 9: Inventory and Equipment Window Inv11
Here is the inventory and equip window and the rest of the GUI for that matter. Most of the GUI is just placeholder as we continually develop the perfect fit for the game, so more on that coming soon!

Dev Blog 9: Inventory and Equipment Window Creds10
And finally... For all those that continually stick around, make suggestions, and are active in the community: you have earned yourselves a permanent spot in the credits Smile

I hope to see more names up there because we all want this community to grow and for this game to be a work of the community itself!

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Post Thu 28 May 2015, 5:02 am by Flume

Great job everyone,keep up with this great work.

As Hydra said,we wall want this community to grow.So make suggestions,be active and when the time comes we will start to advertise the game.

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