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Dev Blog 6: Continued Alpha Testing

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With such a successful tune out for the April 26th v0.01 alpha test, we have decided to continue the alpha tests and increase their frequency. This means that there are more opportunities to get an early sneak peak.

The games development will be entering a phase called open development, in which all users are welcomed to help with development. If you are an artist, you can submit pixel art, and if you have suggestions or quests ideas you can of course do this as well, for example.

All of this happens in the private alpha testers section which you can gain access to upon creating an account and posting on the forums.

Come join the open development process and get your input in the game!

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Post Tue 05 May 2015, 10:12 pm by jjthejj

It's looking like this game is coming along well, hopefully it will be in beta soon

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