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[Event] Alpha Testing Selection

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51 so what do i write about if i cant play ? on Mon 19 Oct 2015, 2:01 pm

Flume wrote:
IGGYVIP wrote:but alpha testers group is closed ? Sad
btw hi flume and pogo and voo
btw hi flume and pogo and voo Very Happy

Happy birthday!

Hydracol will add you to the alpha testers if you are active on the forums.
"How do I become an Alpha Tester?
-Create an account and be active on the forums,staff will     automatically appoint you."

"btw hi flume and pogo and voo "
-You can't play at the moment,if that was your question.

here is something that might make you add me :

Devices :MOTO G x1032 16GB Xpe 3.4.105 ; 4.4.4

Multi Boot 6GB ram: UBUNTU 14.10 / WINDOWS 7 / WINDOWS 10 / CORE-PLUS

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52 a wild Pogofishmage emerges! on Mon 19 Oct 2015, 4:05 pm


Active Member
Active Member
Welcome Iggy and happy birthday!

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53 game release on Thu 14 Apr 2016, 2:23 am

when the game release ?
Neutral Arrow Question confused

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54 Re: [Event] Alpha Testing Selection on Fri 22 Apr 2016, 11:32 am


Laxbert wrote:when the game release ?
Neutral Arrow Question confused
Though there currently isn't a set release date for the game, I can ensure that the game is still in development and hasn't been abandoned. All of the staff are part of a group chat on Skype, so we are all in contact with each other, and will continue to release updates as we are making them.


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