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Onyx Legion is radically changing... for the BEST

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Hello guys! As you may know me already, I'm now in charge of the game's content design and many other aspects as well...

And well.. the game has been evolving, simplifying and growing at a rapid  healthy pace.

Its been hard taking over and trying to be as a good pixel artist as Queen, but im getting there.

Anyway some of the things I wanted to report are that..

-Aspen Village is now actually Aspen Island, which is bigger.

- Player avatars are receiving a dramatic overdo in both facial looks and possibly hair to look a bit more appealing and varied. Ill show examples.

-Low level mobs are being pixeled at a quicker pace, including their dead body sprite and loot!

Also the first spawning map NPC's are finished and their dialogue as well! I wrote the NPC to be really fun to talk to and be very humorous as well.

Heres a sneak peek at the dialogue:

After Quest: With that Crab Knife, you will do a bit more damage to Crabs… I’m sorry for not giving it to you before I sent you… I just thought it would be more fun for you to punch crabs.

That is all I can report for now in the art department of Onyx Legion.
I hope you guys got to see that, the game is breathing again and expanding quite well! Ill see you guys some other time to show you more art progress Smile

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Loving the art style,keep up with the grat work!

Love the artwork man, so glad to have you on the team!

Keep up the great work! Absolutely love it.


Post on Thu 14 Jan 2016, 1:33 pm by Pogofishmage

nice ideas haha Very Happy

Really like the new faces. They're cuter and definately more appealing than mine.

@QueenC wrote: Really like the new faces. They're cuter and definately more appealing than mine.

I agree, they are so cute, but I'll always miss your amazing art. ;[ Thanks for the help with the past art and thanks for letting us keep all the beautiful art you made for us. ;D

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