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Hows it hanging yall

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1For Introductions! Hows it hanging yall on Sat 18 Jul 2015, 4:34 am

names bobby, hence the user. Like Games, specifically new ones.


watched this vid

am interested in playing now, so I don't know how you do alpha testers selection, or if you still even are but put me on that stack anyways.

Few questions for devs,

are you planning on implementing pvp areas?

How does leveling work? I kind of got the introduction where you can float between any styles, but are you planning on taking a world of Warcraft approach with straight xp turning into a level up, or a Runescape approach where you train skills independently?

And you have a decent player base right now, forum registrations alone are sitting on like >240 players, why not go ahead and open the game up?

I've seen games have less players than that go live.

It's a MMO right? well MMO's never reach a 'completed' stage anyways, unless you are still working on the mechanics and haven't gotten so much to content, but either way, why not let anyone who comes here play it?

Imagine how many people have checked this game out, "hmm looks super interesting, lets pl- aww closed alpha, okay off to another game then...".

Why restrict the playerbase? what better way to get feedback/patch bugs etc then having a stream of random internet people dropping in looking for ways to abuse the game/mechanics and fixing them, instead of waiting to a full release and realizing, "oh darn a item duping glitch, better hotfix it quickly before the economy is ruined..!"

If it's a problem with servers you can get some cheapo ones or home host it honestly, you aren't supporting thousands of players just a few hundred (atm).

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2For Introductions! Re: Hows it hanging yall on Sat 18 Jul 2015, 9:32 am


Game Master
Game Master
Enjoy your stay.

FAQ List - Please post your next questions there.

PM me if you got a question or need help with anything at all.
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3For Introductions! Re: Hows it hanging yall on Sat 18 Jul 2015, 10:15 pm


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Welcome aboard. As of right now, there are many things in concept phase. We are passing ideas to and fro. Servers are still in the works also. We aren't too worried about building a large player base at present. What we are worried about, is ensuring we work together collectively to bring our great vision to life. If it means that we take a little longer and keep people in the dark, so be it.

We are a game design team that is strictly volunteer and are creating this game out of a passion for it. Thus said, the player testing alpha portion of the game is still being tossed around while we cover the bases on art and concept issues. Once we are ready to roll out testing, those that are on the list will be able to hop in and begin the real fun- and that's a very long list.

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4For Introductions! Re: Hows it hanging yall on Sun 19 Jul 2015, 2:28 pm


Hi there and welcome I hope you enjoy your self!

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5For Introductions! Re: Hows it hanging yall on Sun 26 Jul 2015, 6:39 pm


Welcome to the forums, bud!

I like your ideas, but agree with @Countpain , we're just not ready to open our doors.


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